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Do Your Research

Why is research important? First of all, it will give you a good foundation in which to build and tailor your resume. If an interviewer sees that you have done your homework on their company, it lets them know you are serious about a position and would likely keep putting forth an effort to help the company to grow once you were hired.

Secondly, with a good background knowledge of the company you can answer the interviewer's questions with confidence and intelligence.

Last, but not least, after a thorough study of the company, you may decide it is not exactly what you are interested in doing after all.

So remember, research time is never wasted time.

Factors to research:

  • Company location(s)
  • Product or services
  • Parent company and/or subsidiaries
  • Financial background, assets, stock, recent mergers, etc.
  • Major competitors
  • Growth history
  • Career possibilities
  • Application deadline

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