Center for Tribal Studies: Student Services

Student Services

campus_scenicsCenter for Tribal Studies provides the following student services:

  • Scholarship application workshops
  • Assist and support American Indian focused student organizations
  • Campus Activities
  • Scholarship/financial aid referral
  • Online scholarship manual
  • Application assistance for internships
  • Recruitment activities at schools, career fairs, and conferences
  • Preparation for graduate school
  • Career advisement
  • Public relations to showcase student advancement/achievement
  • Recruitment for pre-admission workshops and campus visits
  • Workshops on choosing/applying to graduate schools
  • Facilitate student participation in national conferences
  • Facilitate student presentation of research projects (local, state, national)
  • Referrals to other help resources (tutoring, counseling, etc.)
  • Recommendations for awards, recognition, jobs on campus
  • Referrals for volunteer services and service learning opportunities