Graduation Recognition Ceremonies

Kente Graduation Ceremony

kenteThe Donning of the Kente ceremony recognizes the academic and personal achievements of Black undergraduate and graduate students at Northeastern State University. During the ceremony, students will receive a Kente stole as a representation of their achievements. This stole is based on the traditional Kente of the Ashanti people in Ghana and West Africa.  

During the ceremony, an individual selected by the student will drape the student in the stole. This person may be a family member, friend, mentor, and any person that has had a meaningful impact on the student’s college experience. The selected individual will have the opportunity to make brief remarks, including speaking of the student’s accomplishments and giving of well wishes.

Kente stoles are approved for wear at all NSU graduation ceremonies.  

Kente cloth for the ceremony may be purchased from the Department of Student Engagement for $20, payable by cash or check. Checks should be made out to Northeastern State University. Financial assistance is available.

Sign up link for Donning of the Kente can be found here: