Earn a Digital Badge



Are you currently in or desire to be in an industry that: 

  1. Emphasizes continuing education and professional development? 
  2. Requires new skills or abilities frequently? 
  3. Encourages showcasing professional achievements to others?

If any of these rings true, earning a digital badge is for you! As the world of work evolves, Northeastern State University is evolving alongside it by investing in you. 

Digital Badging Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Badge?
A digital credential, or badge, is a portable, verified, engaging method of pulling achievements to show people what you know and what you can do. Within a digital badge, there is verifiable data that tells the world what, where, and how you earned your credential and why it matters. 

How can I use a Digital Badge?
Digital badges can be shared on social media, embedded into email signatures, or added to your resume or website providing a comprehensive view of your professional story. Badges have the ability to transform your knowledge, skills, and abilities into a tangible, verifiable tool so you can advance in the workforce. 

In addition to showcasing achievements, badges can be used to view related jobs specific to their earned badge. This includes real job postings, requirements for positions, and salary data. Earners also have the ability to explore recommended next steps or related badges to complement their earned badges. 

How do I receive my Digital Badge?
After completing requirements for your digital badge it will be issued through Northeastern State University's badge provider Credly. Badges will be issued through email. Within the email from Credly, you have the ability to accept the badge and begin sharing. Once "accepting badge," first-time earners will be required to create a Credly account. 

How do I share my Digital Badge?
To share a Credly issued Northeastern State University badge, earners will need to connect their desired social media account to their Credly profile Possible social medias include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and XING. After connected, earner have the ability to post on their social media. Earners may also embed their badge on a personal website, send via email to a contact or employer, download badge visual for resume or email signature, download a printable version, or send through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp on a mobile device.

How To Earn a Digital Badge

Digital badges have the capability to meet a lot of organizational training needs which makes each badge unique. Because of the nature of digital badging there are multiple ways to earn a credential. 

Each Northeastern State University badge has a level associated with it resulting in the earner experience adjusting to the designated level. These levels are represented through icons on the badge graphic and are defined below. 

Experience Digital Badge Icon

Experience (clock):

Not measured, unstructured learning. This might include membership in organizations, volunteering roles, etc.

Learning Digital Badge Icon

Learning (light bulb):

Also not measured, but structured learning. This might include a self-led course, product knowledge, or "soft-skill" training. 

Validation Level Badge Icon

Validation (check):

Measured and validated learning This might include providing portfolio evidence.

Digital Badge Certification Icon

Certification (certificate):

Industry recognize, validated achievement. This might include industry certifications, licenses, or a terminal credential.


What Badges Can I Earn from Northeastern State University? 

Northeastern State University is in the process of building out multiple opportunities for badging. Check back here frequently as our list of options grows!

Current Digital Badge Offerings

To learn more about each badge, click the graphic to be taken to the Credly platform. 

Brain Based Pedagogy Badge Graphic Classroom Management Badge Graphic Classroom Teaching Badge Graphic Differentiated Instruction Pedagogy Badge Graphic Learner Centric Pedagogy Badge Graphic