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Summer Bridge Program 2022

Refresh for Success with the NSU Summer Bridge Program

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Immersive, non-credit program for incoming freshmen
Need zero-level courses?
Required to take a no-credit residual class?
Need a refresher course?

The NSU Summer Bridge Program is YOUR answer to enrolling in credit bearing courses for the fall.

NSU Summer Bridge Program students complete a four week program, for bridging in three of the zero level/no credit course areas. Summer Bridge offers a combination of coursework, tutoring, group mentoring, and personal development workshops. Participants will also have social activities and events, intended to build bonds between students and connect them to the campus community. The program will be in person in July. Students will have the opportunity to re-test at the completion of the program, with the program goal to have all students test out of zero/no credit course levels.

Summer Bridge Programs include:

  • Sharpen skills in Reading, Math and Writing
  • Individualized programming available
  • Coursework, tutoring, group mentoring, personal development workshops, and co-curricular activities 
  • Opportunity to retest and place out of zero-level or non-credit courses upon completion
  • Scholarships available!

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Session Schedule, Cost, and Dates

July 2022 Summer Bridge is in person and housing is available.

  • Four weeks long 
  • Monday-Thursday
  • Dates July 5- July 28
  • Cost without housing 565.00
  • Cost with housing and meal plan 1865.00

Space is limited Register Now!

Cost Information

The maximum cost of Summer Bridge is $ 1865.00 which includes meals and housing. For a student to take all three of these courses during the regular semester, the cost would be $2,394.30. There are Summer Bridge scholarships available as well to mitigate costs if finances are a barrier. All Summer Bridge students are encouraged to apply for scholarships.

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available for the Summer Bridge Program. If finances are a barrier, please complete this Scholarship application. This is the link for the Scholarship application