Welcome Week FAQs


When does Welcome Week Start?

  • Welcome Week starts on August 16 after move in day and goes through August 22.

Am I required to be at Welcome Week?

  • Welcome Week is in conjunction with the UNIV 1003 course that all incoming freshmen are required to take. Welcome Week is credit bearing and will complete 1 hour of the 3 hour course. The remaining 2 hours are completed in the fall semester.

Will my meal plan work during Welcome Week?

  • Your meal plan will be activated on August 16th for breakfast.

What absences are excused and unexcused?

  • Absences that will be considered excused are full time employees, parents who care for children or family members, athletic teams including Football, Men's and Women's Soccer, Cheer Team, and Pom Squads. However, ALL students must submit an approved absence form via Hawklife. For access to the form please email firstyear@nsuok.edu. The application for an excused absence closes on August 16th. Please remember that submitting an application for an approved absence does not guarantee approval.

What do I wear to Welcome Week?

  • There will be a lot of moving during Welcome Week, so we suggest clothing and shoes that are comfortable to move in. Clothing that you would wear to class is a good rule of thumb.

What do I need to bring to Welcome Week events?

  • During Welcome Week most events will require you to swipe in for attendance so make sure you always have you student ID, a water bottle is suggested, and you will be provided with a journal and pen set for note taking.

Who and how do I notify if I can not be at a Welcome Week event?

  • You will notify your Peer Instructor who will give you their contact information at the beginning of Welcome Week.

What happens if I miss a mandatory Welcome Week event?

  • You will be counted absent unless the absence has been approved you will not have the opportunity to make up the credit missed.

Do I have to be with my group the entire week?

  • Yes, because most likely they will be your classmates for the remainder of the semester as well as the Peer Instructor. It is important to create a bond with them because it will be easier for discussion topics throughout the course.

How will I know where to go or who to call if there is an issue?

  • Freshman will be dismissed as a large group each session with an explanation of where you need to go and who you will be with. Your assigned Peer Instructor will know what to do. If there is a problem with something then you can let your Peer Instructor know and they will know who to contact from there.

Is Welcome Week fun

  • You get out what you put in, and Welcome Week is a perfect opportunity for you to figure out what kind of student you want to be. It might be boring if all you are doing is playing on your phone or dozing off. However, if you stay engaged and participate, it will make your experience much more entertaining and educational.

Will I get to meet my professor?

  • Yes, your professor for the course will most likely stop by during your small group session to give more of an explanation about the course and their expectations. It's a great opportunity to get to know them well because it will make the class more beneficial for you.