Attendance Policy - Financial Aid Recipients

Attendance Policy - Federal Student Aid

Regular class attendance is required for students receiving Federal Student Aid. Students must begin attendance in courses to qualify for financial aid. Student reported for non-attendance in any or all courses could be required to repay a portion or all aid received for that semester.

At the end of each semester, students who have failed to earn credit for any courses are reviewed and aid must be recalculated based on their last date of attendance. After recalculation, students who fail to earn any credit may be required to repay a portion of aid received for that semester.

This policy applied to consortium students for courses at two schools. When NSU is the home school for financial aid, attendance will be reviewed for courses from both schools to determine if the grades were caused by a failure to attend.

Any amount of aid that NSU returns to the Department of Education programs for non-attendance or failure to receive credit for any enrolled courses may create a balance owed to NSU.