Oklahoma's Promise at NSU


Checklist for OKPromise Seniors

  • Make sure you are taking all the required courses to qualify for your Oklahoma's Promise Scholarship. Talk to your counselor or use the curriculum checklist at okpromise.org.

  • Consider taking the ACT more than once to improve your score a higher score could mean more scholarships.

  • Search and apply for grants and scholarships, including private sources through local businesses and civic organizations. It's important to remember that Oklahoma's Promise only pays for a portion of your total college costs, and additional money will be needed.

  • Apply to NSU or your school of choice sooner rather than later. That will give you plenty of time to meet all scholarship application deadlines.

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after October 1 every year. Sign up for a Federal Student Aid ID and apply online at studentaid.gov. Remember, it's Free to Apply.

  • After you graduate from high school in May and final grades are posted, the Oklahoma's Promise contact person at your school will complete the Oklahoma's Promise Certificate of Completion and mail it to the OKPromise offices with a copy of your final transcript. (Keep in mind that your school might have to prepare these documents for a large number of students, so this can take some time.)