Service Excellence Values

Purpose and Commitment

Our commitment is to create a quality service environment that encourages excellence, mutual respect, open communication, informed decision making, innovative problem solving, and accountability. We are dedicated staff and faculty solid in our individual knowledge and stronger in our interdependence with the entire Northeastern State University team. At every point of contact, we strive to exceed expectations through our performance. Our service excellence values guide our work.

Communication and Responsiveness

We practice exceptional internal and external communication. We work together and share knowledge and resources in a cooperative collaborative effort. We are responsive to students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders in a timely, polite, courteous, accurate, and professional manner.

Problem Solving and Empowerment

We are committed to an environment that proactively works to predict and actively seeks to solve problems. We celebrate our successes and continually embrace and learn from our challenges. We encourage initiative, creativity, innovation and dynamic behavior in all we do.


We hold people accountable at all levels of the organization. We have positive attitudes. We respect and value individual and cultural differences, consider the needs of others and provide an environment that is inclusive. We set the example to inspire excellence in ourselves and others.

Transformative Assessment

We search for opportunities to support co-workers and work more efficiently as a team. We continually seek to improve processes, practices, and systems. We acknowledge that technological processes influence our abilities to help stakeholders, and we actively seek to optimize these.

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