Enterprise Rental Vehicles

If our fleet vehicles are booked completely, leaving no vehicles available for other customers, Motor Pool will, with the best of our abilities, rent a vehicle through Enterprise Rent-a-Car Inc.  Since the reservation is made through the NSU Motor Pool for our employee's official University business, remember that all Enterprise vehicles are treated and are recognized as NSU Motor Pool state vehicles just like one of our own fleet vehicles.  Keep in mind that all Motor Pool rules and regulations still apply.

Reserving an Enterprise Rental Vehicle

If you are planning on reserving an Enterprise vehicle, you must make your reservations in at least a week advance to ensure that Enterprise will have the type of vehicle that is being requested.  Keep in mind that you must be at least 21 years of age to drive an Enterprise rental vehicle.  We only reserve Enterprise vehicles when Motor Pool does not have vehicles available, or the type of vehicle available.

12 Passenger Vans

Make sure when reserving the 12 passenger van(s) to give plenty of notice and that the driver of the van is 25 years of age or older.  Sometimes Enterprise must request a van from another city in order to get one here for a reservation and can take up to a week or more to find one or more that are available.

If you are planning to use this type of vehicle for a trip, please remember to load all luggage evenly throughout the vehicle and remember that these vehicles are easy to tip over when steering is over corrected while driving.  A yellow form will be given to you at the time of checking out the vehicle that states that you have read and understand the risks of driving the van, which is required by Enterprise.


The Motor Pool charges the same rates as we would with a regular Motor Pool vehicle.  All rate structures and rules apply.  (See rate structures on Motor Pool website menu) 

If you are reserving an Enterprise vehicle while Motor Pool vehicles are available, there will be a $10 service charge added to the billing invoice unless we do not provide the type of vehicle needed.