Rules and Regulations

Approved Uses

University vehicles may only be used in the performance of official duties. They may not be used for private purposes, including transportation to and from the employee's place of residence. Motor Pool vehicles must be returned to the Motor Pool immediately upon completion of the trip.

It is the policy of the University that passengers shall not be transported in State vehicles unless they are on State business.

If you have any concerns about the Northeastern State University Motor Pool fleet vehicle usage, you can check out the OK Statue Title 47.

Eligible Drivers

All persons operating University-owned vehicles must be University employees and all must have a valid driver's license (appropriate for the vehicle being driven).

Student employees, 18 years or older, may operate a University motor vehicle in the course of their employment so long as they hold an Oklahoma driver’s license or a valid driver's license issued by their state of residence, unless they are operating a mini bus (see below).

The only driver's licenses recognized by the State of Oklahoma and Oklahoma law enforcement agencies are those issued by any of the other 50 United States and those issued by the country of origin of international students.

All drivers transporting passengers in multi-passenger vehicles (other than a standard car, like the mini buses) must be 21 years of age or older and be familiar with the type of vehicle being driven and must have appropriate licensing. They must also complete any orientation required by the University for the vehicle taken.

Student Organizations

If a student organization is planning on using a Motor Pool vehicle, make sure the sponsor of the group receives pre approval by the Division of Student Affairs by filling out the Recognized Student Organization Vehicle Reservation Request Form (pdf). Remember that Motor Pool can not bill the trip to an outside bank account.  We can only bill the trip to a recognized NSU account.  Keep in mind that the driver for the trip must be an NSU employee. 

Vehicle Usage Info

Safety first. Always use seat belts. Please be a defensive driver. Familiarize yourself with the location of lights, turn-signals, etc., before you begin your journey. Follow and obey all traffic laws. Courtesy counts. Your actions when operating a University vehicle may reflect on NSU.  Pursuant to recent changes to the State of Oklahoma Constitution, no one driving a Motor Pool vehicle, and vehicle leased from a rental company, or a personal vehicle being driven on official University business, may use any texting devices while operating these vehicles.  You may not use these devices at any time while the vehicle is on the roadway whether or not you are moving or are temporarily stationary due to traffic or other delays.  Failure to adhere to this law will result in the loss of Motor Pool privileges.  Strict adherence to this law will be enforced.

Picking Up Vehicles

Please make sure that you are on time picking up your vehicle.  If you are running late, or coming in early, please inform the Motor Pool Office so we can accommodate yours and others' vehicle needs.
Before departure time, the person scheduled to operate the vehicle should make sure to have a valid drivers license on file along with the Motor Pool Disclaimer Form.  If you are leaving before regular office hours, we will assign you a safe # and a combination so you are able to access the key packet.

Period of Usage

You may arrive at the Motor Pool the day of your travel to pick up your key packet as required.  Vehicles may be reserved for the entire period of approved travel status. Vehicles not returned as scheduled are subject to a late charge. Late charges are waived if they occur as a result of vehicle breakdowns, accidents, etc., which are beyond the control of the driver. Failure to return on time (excepting emergencies or breakdowns) results in the Motor Pool having to lease a vehicle from an outside agency to accommodate another reservation may result in any excess charges being charged to the offending party’s department. 

Returning Vehicles

Before returning to the Motor Pool, make sure that you fuel the vehicle and record the odometer reading on the fuel receipt.  Make sure to turn the fuel receipt into the Motor Pool.  Park the vehicle in the designated spaces in the Motor Pool lot; lock vehicle doors; and return keys, credit cards and receipts to the office or key drop box. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that trash is removed from vehicles. The Motor Pool is not responsible for items left in vehicles.

Damage to University Vehicles

The department reserving the vehicle from the Motor Pool is responsible for any physical damage by  drivers and passengers to the vehicle beyond normal wear and deterioration. Vehicles are serviced on a regular basis, but drivers should be aware of any problems with the engine or operation of the vehicle and report them to the Motor Pool. Drivers must take reasonable and proper care of Motor Pool vehicles while in their possession. Damage to vehicles which is deemed to be from operator negligence may be charged to the department responsible for the lease of the vehicle. It is important to note and report any vehicle damage while in their possession to the Motor Pool. Vehicles excessively dirty which require beyond normal cleaning before they can be re-leased for use are assessed a cleaning charge from $25 to $50+ each vehicle.

Repairs and Service to Motor Pool Vehicles

All purchases of parts and/or labor for emergency repairs must be reported to the Motor Pool upon the return of the vehicle. Purchases of $100 or more must be approved by the Motor Pool prior to purchase to ensure reimbursement. No reimbursement is made without copies of receipts and details of work provided.

Vehicle Equipment

The equipment installed on University vehicles may not be changed or altered in any way. Speaker systems, banner, bumper stickers, radio antennas, spotlights, etc., will not be displayed on a University vehicle unless it is part of the regular equipment or specific written approval has been obtained from the Motor Pool office.


When you fuel a Motor Pool vehicle, please write the vehicle number and the odometer reading on the gasoline receipt and place all receipts in the key packet. This assists us in reporting fuel usage to the State of Oklahoma as required.

To all drivers using any of our hybrid cars: If you need to fuel a Motor Pool vehicle, you must remember NOT to overfill the fuel tank.  When the nozzle clicks off, stop fueling. Do not attempt to put more fuel in the tank. Overfilling can cause serious damage to the system and necessitate expensive repairs.  We want you to continue to enjoy our hybrid cars!!!


Accidents involving University-owned vehicles must be investigated by the proper police agency having jurisdiction where the accident occurred. Procedures for handling accidents and all necessary forms are supplied with each Motor Pool vehicle. Responsibility for proper reporting of vehicle accidents rests with the vehicle driver.