University Police and Parking Services

Campus Police Vehicles

Welcome to the University Police Department. Our office in Tahlequah is located in the lower level of the Administration building, easily accessible from all parts of campus.

The Northeastern State University Police Department is made up of certified police officers who have the same powers of arrest and law enforcement authority as municipal and county officers. We work with state, tribal and local law enforcement authorities to investigate crimes on campus and in the community.

There are always officers on duty who can be reached through our 24-hour dispatch.

Our jurisdiction includes all NSU owned facilities and the adjacent public property. We encourage everyone in the community to report any offense or disturbance promptly. All reports of criminal behavior will be handled in an appropriate and professional manner.

In addition to our direct efforts at crime control, we offer a number of programs to increase the safety of the campus community:

  • Operation ID. Bring your valuables by the police department and we will engrave a unique number on them. This aids in recovery if the items are lost or stolen.
  • Safety Escorts. If you don't feel comfortable walking at night, you may call for an officer to escort you to your campus destination.
  • Motorist Assistance. Our officers can assist with lock-outs and have battery packs for jump-starting your vehicle on campus.
  • Bike/UTV Patrol. These patrol programs offer a greater interaction with the community. Don't hesitate to stop and chat with us.
  • Reserve Officer Program. If you are at least 21 years old and have an interest in law enforcement, we encourage you to join our reserve officer program. The program will certify you as a Reserve Officer through the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET). Once certified you are required to work 16 hours each month to maintain your certification.
  • Building Security. Most academic buildings remain unlocked throughout the day and into the evening. Custodians are instructed to report any suspicious situations to the police immediately. University officers will often walk through buildings to enhance security.
  • Publications. The University Police Department has various publications on public safety topics available.
  • RAD Rape Aggression Defense Classes. We offer, in conjunction with Housing and the Criminal Justice Department, a self defense course for women. The RAD system is offered to as few as five people at a time. Any group may request a class and you can earn one physical education credit hour.