Research & Sponsored Programs

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP) is under the Office of Academic Affairs at Northeastern State University and handles all pre-award aspects of grant proposal development. We identify ways that the University’s funding can be supplemented through external sources, and assist colleges and departments in their efforts to collaborate and share resources.

The mission and purpose of RASP is to:  

1)     Identify financial resources to support grant activities at NSU.


2)     Assist faculty and staff in the development and submission of grant applications.


3)     Serve as a liaison between the University and potential funding sources.


4)     Identify common goals between NSU and the surrounding communities to strengthen  collaboration and partnership opportunities, including collaboration with the NSU Foundation for targeted research endowments and gifts.


5)     Elevate NSU’s position and reputation on a State, Regional and Federal level, as a University actively and successfully engaged in research & scholarly activities appropriate to our strengths and overall University mission.


6)     Assist NSU in becoming the leading primary undergraduate institution for research in the state of Oklahoma.


7)     Enhance significantly the faculty and graduate research endeavors of NSU, with concomitant extramural funding.


8)     Provide detailed and accurate reporting of extramural funding proposals submitted and awarded.


9)     Assist and train faculty in utilization of grant related search engines, including


10) Provide grant resource materials to faculty and staff through the Grants Development Resource Center.


11) Participate and serve in State research activities to include a high level of networking and leadership providing additional opportunities for collaboration with other regional universities.


In addition, we assist faculty and staff to identify common goals between academic colleges, as well as the surrounding communities, to encourage cooperation that results in effective and efficient use of financial awards.