Beverage Request

Restrictions or Limitations

Some restrictions or limitations may apply, beverage request must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event start date. Events must be held on an NSU campus and the beverages are not for re-sale.

Open to Public*
24 per case
Beverage Policy

Northeastern State University student organizations that are members of the Northeastern Student Government Association and in good standing with the Division of Student Affairs may request free beverages and promotional banners as a part of NSU's contract with Love Bottling Company.

Donated beverages can not be used for events inside the Webb Building. Beverage donations may not be sold for fund-raising purposes or for resale.

All Tahlequah beverages are delivered to the Admin 208, where they are available for pick-up. All Broken Arrow and Muskogee beverages are delivered to their campuses. Organization representatives listed on the request form are contacted when the donations arrive at the University Center office.

If you have left over product if you would please apply that to your next event, you can always order more if need be. Do not use for personal use.

The beverages provided are in support of student organizations, staff major events (Employee appreciation, etc.) and academic recruiting events (career fairs, etc.).

University Relations has the authority to deny or modify a request at any time.

Forms must be COMPLETELY filled out.

University Relations will not provide drinks for:

    Bake sales
    Guest speakers
    End of year parties
    Personal use

If product is ordered and not picked up the organization will lose their privilege to order until further notice.

Product must be picked before or on event date.
I have read and understand the policy and guidelines regarding the request and agree, on behalf of the organization I represent, to abide and be bound by them. required
Yes, I understand above policies*