Honorarium Payment


Honorarium Payments


The Honorarium Form (pdf) is used when making payment to an individual who provided professional services of a consulting, artistic, or entertainment nature. To qualify, the individual must not have been on the payroll of the University or of any other agency of the State of Oklahoma at the time the services are provided. The work must be of the type which the University stipulates for only the desired objective. Generally, the individual should be an authority or recognized expert in the field of endeavor for which retained, and the service should be of a non-recurring nature. The service should not be available within the staffing of the University. Examples of services which qualify are:

  • A guest lecturer whose lecture is directed by the University only in terms of general subject matter to be covered. If included in a course, the lecture should only enhance and not serve as a source of fundamentals essential to the course of instruction.
  • An entertainer, guest artist, or guest director.
  • A recognized authority (e.g. consultant) in a field of endeavor whose expertise is not otherwise available through University sources.
  • An artist commissioned to do a work of art for the University.

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