What Can I Do With A Major In Computer Science?

Computer Science

Northeastern State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science that is designed according to guidelines set by the Association for Computing Machinery and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the two leading professional organizations for the computer science discipline.

In addition to the core courses recommended by Association for Computing Machinery and Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, there are a wide range of elective courses, including many on the cutting edge of computer science such as game programming, parallel programming, C#, network security, web programming and mobile apps development.


Career Opportunities

  • Computer and Information Scientist
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Science Professor
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Information Technology Project Manager
  • IT Administrator
  • Mathematician
  • Scientific Linguist
  • Software Developer - Applications
  • Technical & Scientific Publications Editor
  • Technical Publications Writer
  • Video Game Designer
  • Web Art Director
  • Webmaster

Related Skills

  • Accuracy
  • Computer Programming
  • Decision Making
  • Designing
  • Problem Solving
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Reasoning
  • Troubleshooting

Degree Information