What Can I Do With A Major In Spanish Education?

Spanish Education

The mission of the Spanish Bachelor of Arts in Education degree program is to prepare Spanish teacher candidates who, consistent with the College of Education's Conceptual Framework, are teaching scholars in the field of Spanish, educational leaders in world languages and developers of human potential through their role as instructors of language and culture.

The program assists students in acquiring an advanced level of proficiency in all four language domains and in interpersonal, interpretive and presentational forms of communication.

Candidates will understand current language acquisition theories and use this knowledge to implement world language instructional practices that include target language input and meaningful interaction.

The program also helps students gain a high level of familiarity with both the products and practices of Hispanic cultures so they can interact successfully with members of these cultures, appreciate their history and achievements and integrate cultural information into their instruction.

Finally, the Spanish Bachelor of Arts in Education program develops teacher candidates who can promote language study and who seek continued professional development activities to improve their content-area and professional skills.

Career Opportunities

  • Foreign Language Interpreter
  • Foreign Language Professor
  • Foreign Language Translator
  • Foreign Student Adviser
  • High School Teacher
  • Middle School Teacher
  • Principal
  • Superintendent
  • Tutoring Services

Related Skills

  • Authority to Make Decisions
  • Helping
  • Listening
  • Managing Time
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Reasoning
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • Speaking
  • Teaching
  • Writing and Authoring

Degree Information