Photography Guidelines

Before using any photo, check with your photo source to determine if photo credits are required. Photo credits (Courtesy Northeastern State University) generally appear in print pieces at the end of the publication or under the bottom right of the photo.

Many photos are copyrighted and you'll need permission to use them unless you know for sure that an image is in the public domain. You can't just pull pictures from Facebook, Google, Bing and use them. All NSU photographs are protected by copyright.

Public Domain
A public domain work is a creative work that is not protected by copyright and which may be used by everyone at little or no charge. The work may not be protected because:

  • The term of copyright for the work has expired,
  • The author failed to satisfy statutory formalities to perfect the copyright, or
  • The work is a work of the U.S. government.

Search the Internet for public domain photos and you will find a multitude of resources. U.S. Government Photos and Images is an official resource for finding public domain images from such entities as NASA, the White House, Library of Congress, the National Park Service and many more.