Web Guidelines

These standards have been developed to improve usability, content management and institutional branding through consistency in design, navigation structure and functionality. The NSU Web properties are one of the most visible and important ways in which we communicate with all our audiences. Individually and collectively, the NSU websites create an impression about the university: who we are, what we do, and the impact we have regionally and internationally through research, outreach and teaching.

It's critical that our websites meet the highest standards in terms of content, ease of use and accessibility. These are tremendous potential benefits, both for developers and users, to adoption of uniform standards:

  • Stronger and more coherent Web presence
  • Improved usability
  • Enhanced institutional branding
  • Improved conformance to international standards for accessibility
  • More efficient design, development and maintenance
  • Improved portability to new standards and technologies

The Web Guidelines manual provides guidelines to help ensure consistent application of the NSU brand. By consistently following these Web guidelines, our visual identity will become established and recognized. Failure to properly use these elements reduces our ability to communicate with the school's many audiences, and diminishes the brand's value.

Contact webcommunications@nsuok.edu if you need additional assistance.

Web Style Guide