Website Accessibility | Northeastern State University

It is our intent that all Web content, interfaces and navigation elements to be used by NSU faculty, staff, program participants or other NSU constituencies are required to be compliant with the Oklahoma Accessible Electronic and Information Technology law. Compliance is defined as providing effective communication and substantially equivalent ease of use for individuals with disabilities.

To help meet this requirement, your Web resource (content, page, site, media application) should be functionally accessible, rather than merely technically accessible. Evaluation for technical accessibility asks whether a Web resource is coded to an accepted accessibility standard. Evaluation of functional accessibility, on the other hand, asks whether a person can use a Web resource effectively to perform an available task. Coding to an accepted standard is often a means of approaching functional accessibility, but the overarching goal is to make your Web resource easy to use and your content clear and unambiguous for all users, regardless of ability the broad goal is functional accessibility.

To be functionally accessible your Web resource must consider use by people who may:

  • Have severe or moderate visual impairment
  • Be colorblind
  • Be deaf or hard of hearing
  • Have motor disabilities
  • Have cognitive disabilities

How much do you know about Web Accessibility?

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