Licensing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does NSU care who uses its trademarks or how?
Northeastern State University has a vested interest in protecting the university's name for the following reasons:

  • Protecting NSU's name protects the integrity of the university
  • Ensuring products are of high quality reminds consumers of the quality of the university
  • Preventing inaccurate portrayals of NSU protects the university from falsehoods
  • Ensuring quality products protects the integrity of the university

What qualifies as a trademark?
Any mark, logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word or derivative that is associated with Northeastern State University. Trademarks need to be distinguishable from other entities, including other universities or corporations.

What are examples of Northeastern State University's trademarks?
Included but not limited to any graphic representation of the following:

  • Northeastern State University
  • Northeastern State RiverHawks
  • Northeastern State
  • NSU
  • NSU RiverHawks
  • RiverHawks

This also includes the university seal, the Seminary Hall icon, any representation of Rowdy the RiverHawk and the racetrack NSU logo.

What products can be licensed?
Products must meet the standards in place with the university and reflect the dignity of our institution. Although most products will be considered, those that do not meet standards of quality and good taste will not be approved.

Who needs a license?
Anyone wishing to manufacture or produce goods bearing any trademark of Northeastern State University must be licensed before selling any such goods.