Advanced Leadership Certificate

Advanced Leadership Certificate

You must have completed the Introductory and Intermediate Leadership Certificates to be eligible for the Advanced option.

To complete the Advanced Leadership Certificate you must:

  • Attend and participate in the five following leadership workshops:
  1. Citizenship Overview
  2. Community: Part I
  3. Community: Part II
  4. Community: Part III
  5. Certificate Wrap-up & transition to Capstone
  • Participate in one Leadership Experience during the semester (must be different than what you completed during the Intermediate Leadership Certificate):
  1. Attend a leadership conference and submit a reflection
  2. Complete a job shadowing experience and submit a reflection
  3. Serve as a Student Leadership Assistant and submit periodic reflections
  4. Other experiences will be considered on an individual basis
  • Complete an evaluation prior to the first and after the last workshop to help assess program effectiveness

Certificates will be awarded at a recognition ceremony at the end of the year.

To receive the certificate, all requirements must be met: attend all five workshops, complete one leadership experience and corresponding reflection, and complete a pre- and post- evaluation.

If you have questions, please contact Kristi at or (918) 444-2525 or Nate at

How to Participate

The Advanced Leadership Certificate will not be offered in Fall 2018.