HawkTalks - Fall 2018

Please join NSU faculty members as they present research findings on a monthly basis, including discussion and application.

For our next HawkTalk, Dr. Mia Revels will share her presentation, entitled "Northern Saw-whet Owls in Oklahoma: Hooo Knew?"

When Dr. Revels began studying Northern Saw-whet Owls in Oklahoma, there were fewer than 10 documented records of the species for the state, EVER. Since she and her students have begun systematically capturing and banding them, that number has quadrupled in the past two years due to their efforts. Come learn more about why these owls are so difficult to detect, and other information about their activities.



2018-2019 HawkTalks

  • Tuesday, November 27, 2018     3:00-4:00 p.m.
    Dr. Mia Revels
    "Northern Saw-whet Owls in Oklahoma: Hooo Knew?"
    Bagley 101, BALA 276, and Synar 211