South Leoser

South Leoser Complex

Built in similar fashion to the North Leoser Complex in 1960 and 1963, the South Leoser Complex is a co-ed residence hall for first year residents. Both sections of the Leoser Complex (North and South) are named after Dr. Irwin D. Leoser and his wife Susan Agnew Leoser. The complex is home to 375 residents who are divided among three wings, each with three floors. Each floor is gender specific with the Southwest wing typically housing female residents while the South and Southeast wings house male residents.

All rooms are designed as semi-private spaces (two roommates), each floor holds up to approximately 40 residents who share a common bathroom with 4 shower stalls, 2 vanities and 4 toilets. The South Leoser Complex was renovated during the Summer of 2008 and received new furniture including loft-able beds, carpet, paint and updates to the common bathrooms. 

  • Capacity of 375 residents, 100% first year
  • WiFi access for NSU students
  • Large laundry room, use free of charge to residents
  • Each room includes two twin-XL beds, two chest of drawers, two desks, two chairs, two built-in closets or free-standing wardrobes
  • Most SWL rooms have 1 loft kit to help adjust for space; these are available as inventory allows
  • Vanity space including sink and mirror ( limited spaces in SEL do not have vanity space)
  • Connections for Ethernet
  • Large lounge space with multiple large screen TVs, WiFi, and study areas
  • Outside patio and covered gazebo with grilling station
  • Quick access to the Pizza Hut Express and convenience store

Southwest Wing

Southwest Leoser Wing

South Gazebo

South Leoser Gazebo

South Laundry

South Leoser Laundry

PizzaHut Express

PizzaHut Express

Room Furniture

South Leoser Furniture 1

South Leoser Furniture 2

Coming Soon!

Hall Information

  • Room size: SL (12' X 14'9"), SEL (12' X14'), SWL (11'6" X 15'5")
  • Mattress size: 76"-80" (Twin extra long)
  • Window size: 99' X 47"

First Year Experience Community


South Leoser, Room #
610 N. Lewis Ave
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Southwest Leoser, Room #
612 N. Lewis Ave
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Southeast Leoser, Room #
614 N. Lewis Ave
Tahlequah, OK 74464

All mail will be sent to NSU's Mail Services in the University Center for pickup.

Resident Assistant on Duty:

(918) 207-2679

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