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On-Campus Housing offers a variety of residence halls, staffed with highly qualified professionals. Because it is the University's philosophy that on-campus living is essential to the success of undergraduate students, incoming students who have not completed 30 hours prior to the beginning of the Fall term will be required to live on campus for the academic year.

All first-time freshman students (under 30 hours before the beginning of fall semester) who are unmarried, without dependents, and under the age of 21 are required to reside in campus housing during the academic year. Students residing with their parent/guardian may be exempt if they are living within a 30-mile radius of the NSU Tahlequah campus determined by permanent address zip code. Students requesting to commute must do so through the housing portal by selecting and completing the Commuter Exemption Form. All exceptions must be granted by the Director of Residence Life, or his/her designee, in conjunction with a review committee.

The Director of Resident Life will form a committee to review first time freshmen requests to commute from a permanent address outside the 30-mile campus radius.

The initial request to commute will be submitted on-line and will be automatically reviewed by the RMS Housing Software system. Those inside the 30-mile radius, based on their zip code, will be accepted; those outside the 30-mile radius will be denied.

Individuals who are denied may submit an appeal request, in writing, for an exception to the policy to the Director of Residence Life. The Director will initially review these requests and approve exceptions to the policy based on the information provided, gain additional information from the student, and review any additional information needed to corroborate the student's request.

All remaining requests will be reviewed by the Commuting Distance Exception Committee.

  • The Committee will consist of 5 faculty and staff members selected to sit on the committee.
  • A quorum of three members must be present to meet and make a decision.
  • The decision set forth by the Committee will be final.
  • The Committee will meet on an as-needed basis as determined by the number of requests.
  • The high volume time for review will likely be over the summer and the few weeks leading into the fall semester.

Exceptions to the policy during review are considered for such things as financial strains created by adding the cost of on campus housing, medical and psychological situations that make on campus living an obstacle, and other unforeseen and unique circumstances. Each student's success and well-being serves as the foundation for all exception decisions.


Faculty/Staff Meal Plans

Faculty/Staff members requesting a meal plan will need to contact the office of Housing & Residence Life from their NSU email address with their Name, NSU ID Number, and requested meal plan.

Please be aware that Faculty/Staff meal plans may be subject to additional taxes.

Email Address:

Voluntary Meal Plan Rates

Plan Semester Cost
25 Meals/ $75 Flex $335.00
50 Meals/ $75 Flex $565.00
80 Meals/ $100 Flex $830.00

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the residential meal plans above include a set number of visits per week to the Market Café , our main dining facility. (example: 17 Meals Per Week) This is the maximum number of Café visits per week allowed on each plan. You can still access the Café if you exceed your predetermined number of visits, however you must pay with cash, credit card, or flex dollars for each visit beyond that weekly allowance. The most appropriate meal plan will vary based on the individual and their lifestyle and dining habits.
Usually the best choice will be a plan that offers weekly visits consistent with the number of meals you would eat on campus each week. In addition, each meal plan has a set amount of Flex Dollars per semester. These flex dollars can be used for food at any of the campus retail food venues, including the Market Café . Meal visits reset on Monday morning of each week so you start the week off fully loaded. 

Flex dollars may be added to your account in $50 blocks at the University Housing Office, located in Leoser Hall or the Director's office located on the first floor of the University Center. Flex Dollars can be used to purchase food at any of our food service venues on either the Tahlequah or Broken Arrow campuses. These dollars are set up on a debit system so that your student ID works like a debit card. Flex Dollars add greater flexibility to our plans and are often used to pay for guests or for that late night meal.

It is possible to trade a Café visit for a designated combo meal at most of our retail venues on the main campus. When you do a meal trade you can swap a Café visit for one of the rotating combo meals offered at a retail venue. This helps students conserve flex dollars, adds flexibility and variety to our plans, and comes in handy if you are across campus from the dining hall when you need a quick convenient meal. Each meal trade requires a small convenience fee and meal trades are only available during normal Market Café meal periods. 

Block Meal Plans are simply a block of meals that are debited each time you use one. These plans are based on a semester (usually 16 weeks) of usage. You may use these meals anytime you wish...and you may use them for anyone you wish (so long as the card holder is present). These plans are very popular with people that enjoy the flexibility of buying meals for friends without dipping into those always popular flex dollars. Block Plans expire at the end of each semester or when the last available meal is used.

All Meal Plans can be used on the Broken Arrow Campus in addition to the Main Campus in Tahlequah.

As an added convenience, customers can pay with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express at all food service locations. Purchases with credit cards and cash are not tax exempt.