Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Rate Notification

Rates subject to change, pending Board of Regents Approval.

Off Campus vs. On Campus Costs

  Off Campus On Campus
Housing $2,2251 $1,6002
Utilities $790 All Included plus trash services
Internet $325 High Speed & Wireless Service Included
Laundry Services $175 Washers/Dryers Free for residents
Food $1,500 $1,9903
Gas/Trans. $650 No Commute
Deposits $700 No Deposit Required
Total $6,365 per semester $3,590 per semester


Please note, deposits are not included in the total per semester cost. Tahlequah Public Works requires $400 deposit for all utilities and on average, apartments charge $300 lease deposit upon signing.

1 Based on the average rate for a one bedroom apartment within 1-mile radius of campus ($390-$450/month rent).
2 Based on the 2018-2019 rate for a traditional residence hall room ($1,550-$2,900/semester rates).
3 Based on the 2018-2019 rate for the most popular residential meal plan (12 meals & $200 flex dollars).

Rates subject to change pending Board of Regent's Approval

Cobb Hall (Per Semester)

Semi-Suite Style Semi-Private
2 Bedroom Semi-Private $2,300.00

Traditional Halls (Per Semester)

NOTE: Private rooms will not be available until after the Fall Semester begins, as available. Rate is dependent upon date of availability and location.

Hall Name Theme Semi-Private Rates
North Leoser Freshmen/Sorority/All Female $1,650.00
South Leoser Freshmen $1,650.00
Wyly Upperclassmen/Freshmen/Fraternity $1,800.00

Seminary Suites (Per Semester)

Suite Style Semester rate
4-bedroom $2,550.00
2-bedroom $2,950.00

Courtside Apartments -Married/Dependents

Building Number of Beds Semester Rate
Court Side One-bedroom $3,150.00
Court Side Two-bedroom $3,650.00
Court Side Three-bedroom $4,000.00

Courtside Apartments - Upperclassmen

1 Bedroom Unit Semester Cost
1 bedroom/1 student $3,150.00
1 bedroom/2 students $2,360.00
2 Bedroom Unit Semester Cost
2 bedroom/2 students - single bedroom $2,650.00
2 bedroom/3 students - single bedroom $2,300.00
2 bedroom/3 students - double bedroom $2,000.00
3 Bedroom Unit Semester Cost
3 bedroom/3 students - single bedroom $2,500.00
3 bedroom/4 students - single bedroom $2,150.00
3 bedroom/4 students - double bedroom $1,850.00

NSU Meal Plan Options

Plan Semester Cost
17 Meals/ $150 Flex Points $2,200.00
15 Meals/ $200 Flex Points $2,180.00
12 Meals/ $200 Flex Points $2,120.00
10 Meals/ $350 Flex Points $2,085.00
8 Meals/ $175 Flex Points $1,600.00
150 Meals/$75 Flex Points $1,575.00

For more information, please visit NSU's Dining Services.


What are the plans?

Most plans refer to the number of meals offered each week with Flex Points assigned for the semester. For example, the 10-meal/$350 plan means you have ten meals per week and will have $350 in flex points to be used over the semester. The Block Plan refers to the number of meals to be used over the course of the semester.

Are there any requirements?

Meal Plans are required for students residing in all Traditional Halls, Seminary Suites. They are not required for Upper class students in Courtside Craft apartments.

What's a Meal ?

Typically, a meal indicates an entry into the Market Caf , where you may eat all that you want. However, Sodexo also offers the Meal Trade Combo, where you may use a meal at other venues during designated meal periods (Food Court, The Underground, Hawk's Nest, and Pizza Hut Express) to get a designated Combo Meal with a small convenience fee.

What are Flex Points?

Flex Points are dollars that can be used at other venues as cash for food, retail items, or to cover the surcharge for Meal Trade Combos. Flex Points roll over from Fall to Spring only.