Damages & Miscellaneous Charges

Damages & Miscellaneous Charges

Charges are used by the Office of Housing & Residence Life to reduce damage, protect residents, and to stabilize housing costs.

Individual room/suite damages will be assessed by the full-time professional staff after departure/check-out or throughout the course of the year. It is the responsibility of the occupant(s) to pay for the replacement or repair of damaged property within a resident's room. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Director of Housing & Residence Life.

Fees may also be assessed within the community for actions including, but not limited to, leaving bags of trash in the hallway or vandalism cause in common areas accessed by residents only. Common area damage remaining after final check out (or not assessed during the semester ) will be divided and charged to each resident's account.

The fees/charges listed are not an exhaustive list, and other charges may be added at the discretion of Housing staff. If you have a question about a fee or charge, please review your student account and contact your Area Coordinator for more information.


Housing & Residence Life will consider appeals for damages and/or fees associated at the end of each semester. Appeals will have to be received within a particular timeline of the charge (varies by semester). The following circumstances are not considered valid reasons for an appeal:

  1. Time constraints during move out. For example, not allowing enough time to take out trash, clean thoroughly, or to remove all personal items, etc.
  2. Lack of knowledge regarding move out and closing procedures. All move out and closing information was outlined by Housing & Residence Life through the Guide to Living on Campus, Resident Assistant staff, email correspondence, community or floor meetings and/or community bulletin boards.
  3. Damage not listed on room inventory card by Housing Staff or Resident at Move In. Failure to turn in a room inventory card results in the resident being responsible for all damage.
  4. Failure to return all items at checkout (keys, cable toggle, black box).

Appeals will be accepted until the end of the closing month (Fall-December, Spring-May, Summer-August).