Campus Parking

Campus Parking

Designated Housing Parking Only:

Seminary Suites, Buildings A, B, C, D, and E located north of the John Vaughan Commuter parking lot.

  • Haskell Residence parking: located east of Haskell Hall-north area.
  • Logan Residence parking lot: located north of the Fitness Center Construction.
  • East Logan Residence parking lot: located back of Hastings and Ross Halls.
  • Leoser South parking lot: located south of SW Leoser Hall and back of SE Leoser Hall.
  • Leoser West parking lot: located west of Leoser Complex.
  • Leoser North parking lot: located east of N Leoser Hall.
  • Garrison Residence parking lot: located west across from the Wyly Hall Construction.
  • North side only (across from tennis courts) Courtside Family Housing.
  • Tennis Courts: located north across form Courtside Family Housing.

Shared Housing/Commuter Parking Lots:


  • Library Lower Level located south across form Seminary Suites Grill House.
  • Tidmore parking lot located just south of the Fitness Center Construction.
  • Lewis Street located back of the University Center.
    Crafton Street located along the baseball, softball and soccer fields.
  • Crafton Street North located just west of the Intramural Field.
  • Intramural Field located on Oklahoma Street east of the Intramural Field.

Designated Commuter Parking Only:


  • UC Commuter parking lot located back of the Webb Building.
  • Bill Willis Commuter located at Goingsnake Street and Valley Avenue. South area for commuter, north area for Faculty/Staff.
  • John Vaughan Library Commuter parking lot located back of the library's Faculty/Staff parking.
  • Seminary Street Commuter located on Seminary Street.
  • College Street Commuter located west across from the Science building.
  • Bagley Hall Commuter parking lot located west of Bagley Hall Faculty/Staff parking lot.
  • Special Services Commuter parking lot located on Vinita Street, south of the Special Services building.

Campus Parking Maps