Institutional Review Board Members



NSU's Institutional Review Board is comprised of five faculty members (one from each college), one member representing psychology, one non-scientist, one community member and the committee chair. The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research serves as an ex officio member. Faculty representatives are appointed to the IRB for three (3) years (including the chair), on a staggered basis with replacement of one-third of the board each year. The chair must have had at least one year of experience as a member of the IRB before appointment to the chair position. Members may serve two consecutive terms. The community member is appointed on a yearly basis and may be reappointed as necessary.

Dr. Jim Ferrell
Ed.D., School Administration
NIH Certificate #1227231 08/26/2013 Term Ends: 2020 (2nd Term)

College of Education / Bagley Hall 123 (TA); BAED 165 (BA)
Northeastern State University
College of Education
600 N. Grand Ave.
Tahlequah, OK 74464

P 918-444-3722 | F 918.456-6563 |

College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Justin McBride
Ph.D., English
NIH Certificate #| Term Ends: 2021 (1st term)

Gregg Wadley College of Science & Health Professions
Dr. Ernst Bekkering
Ph.D., Mathematics
NIH Certificate #1896695 10/19/2015 | Term Ends: 2020 (2nd term)

Dr. Arun Madapusi
Ph.D., Management
Term Ends: 2022 (1st Term)

College of Optometry
Dr. Jonathan Janzen
O.D. (Optometry Doctor)
NIH Certificate #1951668 1/14/2016 | Term Ends: 2020 (1st term)

College of Education
Dr. Alesha Baker
Ph.D., Educational Technology
Term Ends: 2022 (1st Term)

Department of Psychology
Dr. April Phillips
Ph.D., Social Psychology
NIH Certificate #1672461 01/29/2015 | Term Ends: 2020 (2nd term)

College of Business and Technology
Dr. Ricky Wallace
D. Sc., Health Services Administration
NIH Certificate #2881312, 08/16/2018 | Term Ends: 2021 (1st term)

Community Representative
Dr. Mark Giese
Ed.D., Health and Kinesiology
Term Ends: 2023 (renewable)

Ex Officio
Cari Keller, JD
Dean, Graduate Studies & Research

Carla Swearingen, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Alternate Members
Denis Vovchenko, Ph.D. NIH Certificate #369950, 10/25/2010

Eun-Jun Bang, Ph.D. NIH Certificate # 1108929, 02/05/2013