Levels of IRB Review

Exempt Review

Applications for exempt research are sent are sent by the IRB Chair to one IRB member for review to certify exemption.

Expedited Review

Expedited research applications are sent by the IRB Chair to two (2) IRB members for review. The reviewers are selected based on expertise: however, applications are not reviewed by a member from the originating department.

Exempt and Expedited proposal reviewers will review the research in accordance with the requirements of this policy, obtain additional information from the investigators if necessary, obtain other expert opinions if necessary, then report his/her findings to the IRB Chair. If favorable, the Chair shall notify the investigators that the research has been approved for the use of human subjects. If unfavorable, the research shall be reviewed by the full IRB for final disposition. IRB members conducting exempt or expedited reviews may not disapprove the use of human subjects in proposed research; only the full IRB may disapprove proposed research involving the use of human subjects. Each IRB member conducting exempt or expedited reviews shall report on his/her actions to the full IRB at the next meeting. This report shall include the names and departmental affiliations of the investigators, a short synopsis of the proposed research, and any substantive issues concerning human subjects that the research presented.

Full Board Review

Proposals needing full board review will be sent to IRB members prior to the meeting so that each member will have adequate time to review the proposal. Prior to the IRB meeting the reviewers may correspond with the investigator(s) to resolve any questions. Furthermore, any IRB member may contact the investigator, co-investigators, other IRB members, or outside sources as necessary to insure a thorough evaluation of risks and benefits of the proposed research.