Building Coordinators

Building Coordinators serve as a resource to the Campus Emergency Response Team and any responding emergency personnel. Building Coordinators have a defined role in university emergency preparedness and emergency response, as well as day-to-day operations. The role of Building Coordinators is comprised of coordinating and educating as well as planning for all building occupants. In addition, they serve as the communication liaison between campus service agencies and building occupants under specific circumstances.


  • Work as a building liaison with the Campus Emergency Response Team as it writes or updates the University Emergency Management Plan.
  • Choose and train alternate building coordinators if they are unavailable.
  • Educate new employees on basic evacuation procedures.
  • Ensure building evacuation routes and charts are posted.
  • Be familiar with all exits out of the building.
  • Identification of assigned assembly points for building evacuees.
  • have a contingency plan for evacuation of persons with physical disabilities.
  • Attend Building Coordinator Training.


Quickly assess the threat based on personal contact or through contact by campus officials

  • Decide whether sheltering or evacuation is needed.

Recruit and designate personnel to assist in the operation

Lead personnel to an Emergency Assembly Area.


  • Get a roll call and note any unaccounted for personnel
  • Prevent reentry into the building until the all-clear has been given.

Provide information to the on-scene commander.

Communication Liason

Notify occupants of impending access interruptions to public areas in the building

Post notices of construction work that could affect building operations.