EOC/Incident Command Team - ICS Resource Center


  • Develop a Personal/Family Plan
  • Review the Web site.
  • Take Note of your building's floor plan and exit routes.
  • Participate in fire drills and safety training programs.
  • Make note of the meeting place for our unit or department.
  • Keep a flashlight and battery-operated radio nearby.
  • Build a Disaster Preparedness Kit.
  • Locate the nearest fire extinguisher and fire alarm. Learn to use a fire extinguisher. (CCERT conducts this training every year.)
  • Know where to find university emergency information and basic first aid materials.


  • Prepare your family so they know what to do if you are involved in an emergency, including where to go and what to do until you are able to get home


  • Contact your parents and loved ones to advise them of your status

Individual/Family Plan at

Build a Kit