Fire and Emergency Procedures

All residents are required to follow the Residence Life emergency procedures. Awareness of your environment and taking precautions is necessary for your personal safety and the safety of your fellow residents.

Emergency instructions are posted on each floor. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the fire evacuation plans, it could save your life.

Fire Evacuation

NSU takes every precaution to prevent fires in residential facilities. If you hear the alarm of see a fire, remain calm. Act fast, but do not panic.

In case of fire, feel the door. If the door is hot or if smoke is seeping in:

  • Do not open the door. Stay in your room. Let someone know you are there by opening your window just enough to hang a sheet out. This is a signal to the outside that someone is in there and needs help
  • Wedge a cloth or towel around the door. If water is available, soak the towels before placing them around the door.
  • Make a tent for yourself with the blanket in the window or cover your face with a wet cloth to avoid inhaling smoke. Wait until you are rescued, especially if you are on the 3rd floor or higher.

If the door is cool:

  • Open the door slightly but be ready to close it if you find smoke or flames in the corridor. Leave if the corridor seems safe.
  • Take your key and walk to the nearest fire exit, if there is no smoke. If smoke is detected or, if it's dark, crawl to the exit, counting doors so you don't get lost.
  • Close all doors behind you.
  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Turn back if you encounter heavy smoke. Look for another exit.
  • Leaving the building as quickly as possible, using the proper exits and meet at your designated meeting area.

The following meeting areas have been designated evacuation sites in case of a fire:

  • Logan, Ross and Hastings residents should meet with staff in the Fitness Center parking lot.
  • North Leoser Complex residents should meet with staff in the Wyly Hall parking lot.
  • South Leoser Complex residents should meet with staff in the Physical Plant parking lot.
  • Seminary Suites residents should meet with staff in the parking lots outside of their building (A and b at the Optometry parking lot; C,D,E in the parking lot across from the clubhouse).
  • Wyly Hall Residents should meet with staff in the Wyly Hall parking lot.

Your RA and Hall Manager will be helping to evacuate the building while the NSU Department of Public Safety notifies the fire department. Help your staff by reporting to your designated evacuation area quickly, so they can begin a head count. Report any missing person to housing staff.