Missing Student Notification

Any student residing in Housing & Residence Life who has been reported missing for 24 hours will be investigated by the University Police Department. Anyone may report a student residing in Housing & Residence Life as missing to the University Police Department either by phone or in person.

Any resident may register a confidential contact person to be notified in the case that the resident is reported missing. Only campus officials and law enforcement may have access to this confidential contact.

If you are interested in registering a confidential contact you may come to the University Police Department at 830 N Grand Ave. to complete the process. Due to the confidentiality concerns we will only register contacts in person.

The registration of a confidential contact is not required for a student to be reported missing. All residents reported missing will be investigated. If the missing student is under 18 years of age and not emancipated their parent or guardian will be notified.

The University Police Department will begin an investigation immediately upon receiving a report of a resident missing for 24 hours.