R.A.D. - Rape Aggression Defense

The Rape Aggression Defense Basic Personal Defense System is a national program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques taught for women only. All courses are taught by nationally certified R.A.D. instructors.

The goal of R.A.D. is to provide realistic self-defense options to women, regardless of their level of physical conditioning. Students at all levels of ability, age, experience, and strength will be provided with techniques and information that can be effectively used from the first day of class. R.A.D. is not a martial arts program, nor does it require students to be athletes in training to succeed.

Every student receives a manual for reference and practice. Once a student has completed a R.A.D. program, their signed manual becomes a ticket for free return and practice with any R.A.D. instructor in the US and Canada.

The widespread acceptance of R.A.D.  system is due to the ease, simplicity, and effectiveness of our tactics, solid research, legal defensibility, and unique teaching methodology. R.A.D. is the only self-defense program endorsed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IALCEA).

NSU RAD systems is now offering RAD for credit. NSU students may enroll in this course and receive a one-hour PE credit.

If you are interested in taking a class, please contact us to determine when the next one is scheduled.