Holds Clearance

You may check to see if a hold has been placed on your record by visiting your self service menu via goNSU.

If you have a hold on your record, you should contact the Northeastern State University office that has initiated that hold. The office that initiated the hold will inform you as to the nature of the hold and the specific procedures you will need to follow to obtain a clearance of the hold. You may not be able to complete the registration/fee payment process until you have cleared the hold. Students with such holds who attempt to graduate will not receive their diplomas until their hold is cleared. 

If you have a hold that is preventing you from dropping a class, contact your academic advisor or the Registrar's Office for assistance. You may also send an email with your NSU ID number and the CRN of the class(es) you want to drop to registrar@nsuok.edu. This process is not for dropping all classes during a semester at NSU. Refer to the Withdrawal page for information on a complete withdrawal.

The hold will be removed after you have satisfied the requirements outlined by the department that initiated the hold. It is important that you complete this process, leaving sufficient time for the hold clearance to be processed, to avoid delays in registering for classes.