Student Affairs Mission and Philosophy


Founded on the rich educational heritage of the Cherokee Nation, the campuses of Northeastern State University provide its diverse communities with lifelong learning through a broad array of undergraduate, graduate, and professional doctoral degree programs. With high expectations for student success, the University provides quality teaching, challenging curricula, research and scholarly activities, immersive learning opportunities, and service to local and professional communities. The institution's dedicated faculty and staff offer a service-oriented, supportive learning environment where students prepare to achieve professional and personal success in a multicultural and global society.

Focused Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs supports the NSU mission by cultivating a dynamic and inclusive environment that facilitates student engagement, personal growth and development, and active learning in order to graduate productive global citizens.


In partnership with all University divisions, Student Affairs provides exemplary programs and services to support transformative development and challenges students to fulfill their individual potential.



Student Affairs actively seeks to create programs and services which promote educational success through purposeful alliances with students, faculty, staff, and community.


Student Affairs teaches and models the effective communication of information and ideas through clear, transparent, professional, and purposeful interactions.


Student Affairs strives to promote a sense of belonging, create pride in our institution, and foster responsible citizen ship by connecting individuals to our heritage, tradition, and community members.

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Student Affairs promotes creativity by providing opportunities for self-expression and discovery, career and intellectual exploration, and personal and interpersonal growth.


Student Affairs provides education, experiences, and equal access, which empowers individuals to respect the diversity within themselves and the campus community in order to increase the understanding and celebration of the unique background, perspectives, and contributions of each individual.


Student Affairs engages in ongoing evaluation in order to ensure continuous improvement and the highest quality services, programs, and student experiences.


Student Affairs promotes honesty, trustworthiness, and accountability by teaching and modeling ethical decision-making.


Student Affairs provides a platform where leadership skills are developed through co-curricular, service, and engagement opportunities.


Student Affairs facilitates life-long learning and the continuous acquisition of knowledge and skill through co-curricular, immersive, and developmental opportunities.

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