Immunization Requirements


All NSU Students

Oklahoma state law requires that all students who attend Oklahoma colleges and universities provide proof of immunization for certain diseases. If you cannot verify your immunizations, you need to be re-immunized.

Medical, religious, and moral exemptions are allowed by law, and such requests must be made in writing using the Northeastern State University Certificate of Exemption form (pdf).

The requirement does not apply to students enrolled in courses in which you are not required to attend class on campus.


  1. You must provide an acceptable form of documentation of immunizations to Outreach & Prevention prior to registering for classes. An acceptable form of documentation may be mailed to the Outreach & Prevention, brought with you to enrollment, or faxed.
  2. The immunization documentation must be reviewed and determined complete by Outreach & Prevention staff. If the immunization information is complete, you are cleared and can register for NSU classes. If there is missing or inaccurate information, you are notified and your ability to register is blocked until immunization deficiencies are corrected.
  3. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a hold being placed on future enrollment.

Get Vaccinated at NSU Student Health Center


Who Must Comply

Compliance Requirements

Compliance Due

Meningitis1 All new students living in campus housing See below* At move in
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) All new students born after January 1, 1957 Proof of vaccination with 2 doses of vaccine; lab test demonstrating immunity; or signed waiver At enrollment
Hepatitis B All new students Proof of completion of a Hepatitis B series or signed waiver At enrollment
Tuberculosis Skin Test2 All new international students Proof of negative test results in the United States Within 2 weeks of arrival on campus

1Oklahoma Law required that all new students living in campus housing be provided information regarding meningococcal disease and the availability of a vaccine that may prevent meningitis. This information is sent from NSU Housing. As part of the housing contract, you (or your parent in the case of a minor) attest that you have either received the vaccine or chosen not to be immunized against meningitis by completing and signing the Certification of Meningococcal Compliance. Contact Housing for more information.

2See Tuberculosis Screening for International Students Policy Acceptable documentation of proof of immunizations includes any of the following:

  • Northeastern State University Immunization Record completed and signed by a physician or nurse.
  • Copies of shot record.
  • Copies of medical record.
  • Copies of student health records.
  • Copies of laboratory test results demonstrating immunity.


Submit forms to:

Sara Swarer, Outreach & Prevention Coordinator
Phone: 918-444-4735
Fax: 918-458-2340
Library 108


Medical Exemptions

Acceptable forms considered for a medical exemption include a letter from the student’s physician specifying the immunization that is contraindicated and the reason, or a signed and completed NSU Certificate of Exemption form.

Religious or Moral Exemptions

If you wish to decline vaccines based on religious or moral beliefs, you must read, agree to, and sign the Certificate of Exemption form attesting to your beliefs and acknowledging their risks.

For more information on vaccinations go to Vaccinate Your Family.