Letter from the Vice President of Student Affairs


Dr. Jerrid Freeman Vice President
Dr. Jerrid Freeman Vice President of Student Affairs
Student Affairs strives to be full partners in support of NSU's academic mission, and our efforts to support, respond to, and develop our students is reflected in everything we do. We take pride in working towards excellence each and every day and in creating an environment where students can immerse themselves in learning while developing into productive leaders and citizens.

My hope is that when you leave NSU, you leave with more than just a degree. We strive to ensure that each student gains a higher awareness of themselves through engagement in programs and services aimed at career readiness, leadership, social and emotional well being, healthy living, and through engagement in the world beyond the classroom. I hope that all of our students understand that their choices impact others, that they play a role in the safety of others, and that the rights of an individual should never infringe upon the rights of another.

I truly appreciate the great work and heart that the Student Affairs staff puts into their work. The greatest initiatives and programs are nothing without faculty and staff that bring them to life for students and show the highest in "Quality Service Standards."

Student Affairs is here to support each and every student, faculty, and staff, and to help them feel connected to and supported by the institution.

We are here to help. Should you ever have a problem or encounter a challenge that you are unsure how to navigate, please don't hesitate to ask us for help.