Learn more about required proficiencies at Northeastern State University. 

English Proficiency

Students must meet the English Proficiency requirement for Northeastern State University in order to graduate. Students must complete English Comp. I (ENGL 1113) and English Comp. II (ENGL 1213) with grades of "C" of better to be considered English Proficient.

Students have two options to meet the English Proficiency requirement:

They can repeat the course(s) and make a "C" or better. In this case they will be eligible for Academic Forgiveness, which will improve their GPA.
They can sign up and pay to receive auxiliary credit through the CLEP test. Students may register for the exam here. After registering they may contact the Testing Specialist to arrange an appointment. There is a $20 NONREFUNDABLE test fee payable to NSU. 
Computer proficiency is a graduation requirement for all students. A satisfactory score on the Computer Proficiency Examination will waive this graduation requirement. No award of hours is noted on your transcript for passage. You have ONLY one attempt at successfully completing the Computer Proficiency Exam.


The $20 NONREFUNDABLE testing fee is payable to NSU and must accompany the registration form.

The Computer Proficiency Test

The computer proficiency test consists of fifty multiple choice questions.  Topics covered include computer hardware and software, the Windows operating system, Microsoft Word and word processing, the Internet, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and PowerPoint. 


Testing Services at Northeastern State University offers convenient, fast and secure online registration for the exams listed. Select “Schedule an Exam” and select a time convenient for you to test. You will receive an email confirmation with appointment time and location.

Click on the “Pay Online” button to pay online with a credit or debit card. All online payments are final and no refunds will be given. You will receive an emailed receipt for your records.


Testing Services, located in the Center for Admissions and Student Enrollment (CASE) building, room 130, or call 918-444-2138 with any additional questions or to make an appointment for testing.