C&M Photography

Life on our three campuses is constantly in motion and we capture a lot of it with stunning photography. Our photographers can also help you find the right images for your campaign or project. The experienced group of full-time staff and students can help cover events, receptions, sporting events and other NSU milestones.

Photography is one of the most vital elements of the NSU brand. It evokes emotion and connects people to the institution, maximizing their investment in NSU. Just as important, the photography has a point of view. It says that NSU is unique.

Our image library is loaded with existing NSU-approved photos for you to use in collateral material requests. If you're not sure of the best choice for a project, let our university photographer track down the perfect image.

To request university photography; fill out a Request for Service form and allow reasonable notice (two weeks is preferred). This assists with our ability to schedule and assign photographers.

All assignments completed by university photographers become part of NSU's photo archive and may be shared with other offices and departments. Model releases may be required for identifiable subjects in photo shoots depending on the relationship between that subject and the university, the subject's age and how photos are used.

Where can I find campus photos?

The campus photographer will post photos in one of two categories, Public or University Internal Archives, at https://nsuokphotos.smugmug.com

Public – contains a few photos of buildings or events that our faculty or staff may find useful when recruiting students or preparing for presentations. This folder will be updated with select photos periodically.  

University Internal Archives – has restricted access only and contains thousands of photos.

If you need a digital copy of a photo to help with recruitment or to assist with promoting an event/service, please contact the university photographer at cmprojects@nsuok.edu

Request Photography

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When is the photo shoot?
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Where will this photo shoot take place?
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Photo Release
Do you understand that if the photos are to be used for advertising purposes, the requestor will be solely responsible for obtaining the necessary photo releases (pdf).