Student Organization Advisors

All Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) are required to have an advisor who is a full-time faculty or staff member at Northeastern State University.

Tips for Recruiting an Advisor

  • Try to find someone who will have time to devote to your organization
  • A person who has knowledge or skills related to your organizations purpose will be an asset to the group
  • Find someone who is excited about working with your group and who will take their role as an advisor seriously
  • Tell potential advisors about the types of activities the organization plans or participates in
  • Make sure that you are honest about your expectations for an advisor and the time commitment you expect

Why Be an Advisor?

  • To build long term mentoring relationships with students
  • Opportunities to tech new skills, lead and coach students to grow as leaders and professionals
  • Recognition from the institution, organization, and students for your service
  • Through spending time with students you will better understand generational culture changes
  • Forming networks with other organizational advisors
  • Serving the institution and improving the campus community
  • Enjoying spending time with students

Responsibilities of an Advisor

  • Be familiar with the mission, goals, and purpose of the organization
  • Know and understand university policies and review them with the group once a year
  • Review the organizations finances and assist in developing a organizational budget
  • Veto decisions that violate the organizations constitution and bylaws or the university or state laws
  • Sign university paperwork that requires and advisor signature
  • Attend organization meetings
  • Help student leaders set goals for the organization
  • Review and revise student and advisor expectations once a year
  • Help maintain organizational history meeting minutes, financial information, etc.
  • Advise the development of members leadership skill