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NSU has partnered with a number of foreign institutions through which NSU students may study abroad on exchange. Bilateral exchange involves paying NSU tuition to NSU for courses taken on campus at the host institution. The student will pay for housing and meals directly to the host institution. In many cases, the student may use financial aid and scholarships to help cover the costs. Check with NSU Financial Aid for details. Students may also apply for a Study Abroad Grant through the Office of International Programs.

After checking our Study Abroad Program Summary form, did you find out a Bilateral Exchange suits you the best?


Following our Step-By-Step Guide, you will get through the process easily!

Step-by-Step Guide

Learn more about the Bilateral Exchange by contacting the Study Abroad Coordinator, and grab your NSU Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist.

Bethany Worthington, Graduate Assistant & Study Abroad Coordinator

Aoyama Gakuin University  
Official Website
Country Japan
Campus Language Japanese
Course Language Japanese/English
Duration Fall semester(Aug-Dec) OR Spring semester(Jan-May) OR Academic year(Aug-May/Jan-Dec)

For NSU full-time student:

  • Transcript will be issued by host university
  • Course credit earned from host university can be transferred as NSU credits by finishing a WES or ECE course evaluation
  • Transferred credit will be counted toward graduation after Registrar Office approves the course evaluation report if the course matches with NSU degree plan
  • Passport and visa application fee
  • No Application fee required by NSU
  • Insurance fee
  • NSU tuition and fees, Host University room & board
  • $25 AGU application fee
  • Spending Money
  • Plane Ticket
Financial Help
  • NSU scholarship
  • NSU financial aid
  • Study Abroad Grant
  • Students are eligible to work up to 28 hours a week on or off campus
Required Documents

Legal Documents

  • valid U.S. passport
  • valid visa for study in the host country

NOTE:  U.S. citizens generally do not need a visa to study in Canada if traveling with a valid U.S. passport

Additional Documents

  • Transcript
  • Certificate of Physical Condition
  • Five ID photos
  • Bank Certification
  • Letter of Recommendation
Application Deadline

Fall Semester OR Academic Year - complete and submit application by February 15
Spring Semester - complete and submit application by September 1


Please feel free to contact the Office of International Programs at and 918-444-2051 if you have any questions about study abroad.


  1. Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator for the Bilateral Exchange program application process.
  2. Apply for Study Abroad Grant: Once you are admitted to a Bilateral Exchange program, you may apply for a Study Abroad Grant.

  1. NSU Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist
    Complete the NSU Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist before you leave. Please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator for the checklist.
  2. Travel Visa
    What is a Travel Visa?
    Do I need to apply for a Travel Visa? To find official requirements about needing a visa: Go to Learn About Your Destination Country -> Enter a Country or Area, Click on Go -> See Tourist Visa Required
    How to apply for a Travel Visa: Please see the summary form above - Legal Document row - for more information. Are you still confused with the visa application? Don't worry! The Study Abroad Coordinator is always here to help! Please feel free to contact the Study Abroad Coordinator anytime if you have questions.
  3. Pre-Departure Orientation
    The Office of International Programs holds a Pre-Departure Orientation for students who participate in Bilateral Exchange programs. Pre-Departure orientation is scheduled at the end of the semester before students leave. A pre-departure orientation packet is provided to students which includes the Agenda, Study Abroad Do's and Don ts, Academic Matters, Safety Tips, Contact List, and Culture Shock. NSU Police Department, Bursar Office and Registrar Office may give presentations.
  4. Flight Information

  • Notify the Study Abroad Coordinator of your safe arrival in the host country.
  • Share with US - NSU Study Abroad Facebook Post: Would you like to share your experiences and thoughts abroad?

  • Flight Information

  • NSU Study Abroad Returnee Checklist: Complete NSU Study Abroad Returnee Checklist after you return. Please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator for the checklist.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Students can apply for a Study Abroad Grant and the Betz Scholarship to help with study abroad expenses.

Learn More | Study Abroad Scholarships