Student Code of Conduct Process

Upon receiving notification of a pending conduct conference, the student can then expect the following steps to occur when going through the conduct process.

  • A conduct conference will be scheduled to discuss the potential violation(s) addressed in the notification letter. Students have until the day before the scheduled appointment to reschedule if it conflicts with work or school.

  • When a student arrives for the conduct conference, he or she will be given an opportunity to look through his or her conduct file. This file contains the complaint(s) or incident report(s) in relation to the specific potential violation(s), as well as other important information related to the conduct process.

Every conduct conference has three potential outcomes for violating the conduct code:

  • The student will accept responsibility
  • The student will be found responsible
  • The student will be found not responsible

When responsibility is present in a conduct conference, a conversation can begin about potential sanctions. Sanctions are tailored to each individual and include, but are not limited to, warning, restrictions, conduct probation, suspension, or expulsion. In addition a student may also receive one or more of the following educational requirements:

  • Volunteer project/community restitution
  • Educational class or program
  • Letters of apology
  • Reflection paper
  • Other educational sanctions

At the end of the conduct conference, a letter detailing the outcome of the conference will be sent to the student. In the cases where responsibility is present, this letter will include detailed information about the sanctions assigned during the conference. This letter will also include instructions for the student on how to begin the appeal process.