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What Can the Student Advocate Do for Students?

The Student Advocate is survivor-driven, in other words, we will not make decisions for the survivor, but will provide the survivor with all options available to them. Once the survivor has determined what the best plan is for them, we will assist them to completion. The Student Advocate will work with them as much, or as little, as is determined necessary and/or desired by the survivor. Because each survivor will have unique needs, the Student Advocate is prepared to work with each survivor on an individual basis and take all reasonable action to help the survivor get the assistance they need.

The Student Advocate is prepared to advocate for the survivor in the following areas (this is not a complete list):

  • Medical Assistance
  • Housing Needs or Relocation
  • Legal Assistance
  • Campus Judicial Systems
  • Counseling
  • Academic Concerns

All services are free and confidential.

Quick Reference to the Services Provided by the Student Advocate

  • Bringing awareness to the campus about issues on dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking
  • Educating the campus about issues on dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking
  • Advocate for students who may be a victim, providing efficient information and resources in an emergency situation related to any of these areas: dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking

Reasons for calling the Student Advocate

  • If you have been victimized Everything is confidential and no action will be taken unless you request it
  • If you have questions about a relationship
  • If you are concerned about or have witnessed violence in a friend's relationship
  • If you need information regarding student's rights related to domestic/dating, sexual violence, stalking, and harassment.
  • Services available to all students, faculty, and staff on Tahlequah, Broken Arrow, and Muskogee campuses.



It may be nothing, but... If it bothers you... please bother us! Remember, everyone has a responsibility to report concerning issues. YOU can be the person who makes a difference in the lives of OUR community members. You could help save a life!

In case of emergency, please call 911 or University Police at 918-444-2468 or ext. 2468


When to Contact the Student Advocate

Contact the Student Advocate if you know a student who has or may have experienced assault, intimate partner violence, or stalking. Due to the nature of the crimes, the earlier the intervention the greater opportunity to ensure the safety of the student and the campus community. If you have any questions or concerns about any services available contact the Student Advocate at 918-444-2042.

Liz Mai

Student Advocate
Hawkreach Student Services


The Student Advocate is located in Hawkreach Student Services. The HawkReach Student Services office is located on the Tahlequah campus in the Leoser Housing Complex, just north of the Housing office.

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