Licensing & Trademarks

Since the founding of Northeastern State University in 1909, the university has embraced many different mascots and names, each invoking a specific identity and imagery. As we enter our second century together, it is important to stand behind our brand name and cultivate the identity associated with the university.

The protection of our university trademark is important to maintaining integrity and tradition. Thus, the accurate and effective presentation of NSU to internal and external audiences is vital. Through these ends, a sense of cohesiveness will be promoted throughout the entire NSU community.

University Relations works with Learfield Licensing Partners, Inc. to issue licenses to companies who wish to produce Northeastern State University merchandise. University Relations also helps put individuals and groups in touch with licensees.

This website provides information on becoming a licensee with Northeastern State University and contact information for current vendors with NSU.

View a Recorded Workshop to Learn About Licensing