Student Affairs Immersive Learning


For more information about Immersive Learning in the Division of Student Affairs contact Sheila Self, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs.

Tahlequah Student Affairs

The Administrative Division of Student Affairs provides Graduate Assistantships and Practicum Opportunities for Students in our Higher Ed program.

A few Programming examples: Graduate and undergraduate students also assist with providing Alcohol-related education for students, Prevention-related programming in the area of sexual assault and related topics, assistance in the Student Health Center with health related programming and outreach, and assist with RA training behind-closed-doors-role playing exercises.

Office of Student Conduct and Development

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Broken Arrow Student Affairs

At our Broken Arrow campus, our department has student assistants, one graduate assistant, and occasional practicum students.

  • In-house academic workshops and online workshops such as FAFSA, How to Study, Time Management, etc. are provided to students
  • Cultural events such as museum trips, TRIO Day to the State Capitol to speak with political leaders, Red Earth Day in Oklahoma City are available
  • Student Affairs works in conjunction with Career Services in providing Mock Interviews with our participants to practice their interview skills
  • Internships are provided with our program. A past intern gained experience by working on our Student Support Services (SSS) website

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Career Services

  • Career Services offers information and applications to sign up for internships and experiential learning experiences
  • Career Services assists students in gaining experience through student activities, community service, student employment, research projects, cooperative education, internships, and other opportunities
  • We link with alumni, employers, professional organizations, and others who will provide opportunities to develop professional interests and competencies, integrate academic learning with work, and explore future career possibilities.

Career Assessments

Experiential Learning

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Counseling Services

  • Counseling Services has provided a Counselor In Residence internship opportunity since 2007 which includes an on-campus living option
  • Counseling Services has partnered with Counseling and Social Work Faculty to provide Service Learning opportunities and practicum opportunities over the last several years
  • Counseling Graduate Students have also staffed our Counseling Services front office and have learned field-related skills leading up to practicum and internship

HawkReach Counseling Services

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We provide peer tutors (majority of these tutors are our participants) for our participants. They tutor math, science, business courses, and technology based courses. Occasionally, we direct practicum experiences for students in the Higher Education Leadership program.

Typically aimed at contemporary student affairs issues, we typically assign research (historically qualitative) projects that support or challenge theory and practice. Students are required to develop survey instruments to support the project. Professional writing skills are a focus of the project along with a group presentation. The GA interacts with students and faculty by helping administer programming. Additionally, they conduct survey type research as part of their role.

The aforementioned opportunities for student assistants apply to the graduate assistant experience in the classroom to solve real-world, business type issues. They also have the opportunity to leverage their communication skills both written and verbal. The student assistants, depending upon major, have opportunity to use critical analysis skills they learn.

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