Student Disability Services

In conjunction with the overall mission of Northeastern State University and Student Affairs, Student Disability Services is committed to ensuring an atmosphere of understanding and awareness of special needs in a welcoming, friendly environment.  By providing or arranging reasonable accommodations and services, Student Disability Services collaborates with the campus community to promote equal access to educational and enrichment experiences for the academic and personal growth of the students we serve.  The advocacy each student receives supports the student’s endeavor for self-sufficiency and determination to succeed.

Students enrolled in postsecondary education are required to self-identify if they would like to request services on the basis of disability.  The responsibilities of postsecondary schools are significantly different from those of school districts.  Postsecondary schools are charged with the responsibility of providing appropriate academic adjustments and to ensure that the student is not discriminated on the basis of disability.

Confidentiality Statement

Information obtained is confidential and is used solely for the purposes of documenting disabilities and identifying appropriate support services.

NSU Resources

The following offices will provide more information to assist you as you begin your academic life at NSU.

Disability Services does not provide learning disability evaluations, or ADHD/ADD assessments.

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