Faculty Circle of Excellence


Dr.-WhitekillerDr. Virginia Drywater-Whitekiller, Ed.D.

Professor, Social Work


Dr-Eun-Jun-BangDr. Eun-Jun Bang,

Professor, Social Work


Dr-Jennifer_EdwardsDr. Jennifer Edwards, Ph.D.

Professor, Sociology

The bricks honoring each Faculty Member of the Year recipient were installed in the Circle of Excellence in front of Seminary Hall on Wednesday, May 21, 1997. They were moved to the Circle of Excellence star on the south side of the Library, April 2016. This brick star is a lasting tribute to all the faculty members who have been selected as Faculty Member of the Year since the inception of the award. The first honoree was Hattie Propst 1964-65. There have been over 90 recipients to date. Kent Lashley is the only recipient to have been honored in two categories (teaching and service), and Lee Quiett is the only recipient to have been recognized twice in the same category (teaching). Beginning in 1990 separate awards were given for excellence in teaching, research, and service; prior to that date there was only one award for teaching excellence each year.

In 1999 the Faculty Council officially renamed the award to be the NSU Faculty Circle of Excellence. Each year three faculty members are selected by their peers (from among many who are nominated by students and/or colleagues) to be added to the NSU Faculty Circle of Excellence; one faculty member is selected for her/his contributions in teaching, one in research, and one in service.

Extensive research was done to find a reference t

o all recipients, but, as you will see, there are a few gaps such as 1975 to 1980. It is unknown if no awards were made during those years or if no record could be found. If you note any omissions, please inform the Faculty Council so that those distinguished faculty members can be added to the NSU Faculty Circle of Excellence.